Mission and values


Ensure the comfort and well -being of consumers through our durable and high quality windows and doors . To acheive this,  we’ll provide excellent customer service and perfect manufacturing processes that allows us to continuously improved the satisfaction of our valued customers .



The customer service is a top priority at Elite Windows . The customer is always in the heart of our decisions are and satisfaction of our customers is our unique goal.


Constantly looking for the best, we are working for excellence in our daily tasks, brining an amazing  quality of our products.


Mutual respect is a fundamental value. We want to maintain a pleasant climate and values getting ​​the contribution of everyone to the best. Elite always integrate ideas and opinions coming from our customers ans associates, prooving an open mind. We demonstrate honesty, equality and transparency in everyday life.


Commitment is the key to success. It is an act of showing that the individual is aligned with the mission, vision and values ​​of the company, by his words and actions. Invest and become personally involved in carrying out its responsibilities.


The spirit of cooperation rallied a team. We are working for the common success with a supporting approach, where the sense of belonging and confidence into our teammates makes sense.