Products care



  • Every spring, conduct a visual inspection of your windows.
  • Wash the PVC profiles with a mild soap (without abrasive) to prevent discoloration or dullness.
  • Check window sealing joints and the joints between the frame and the siding of your home.

To enjoy your Elite products as long as possible, it is important that you perform regular maintenance as specified.


Outdoor temperature | Suggested indoor humidity level
-30 °C | 15%
-30 à -25 °C | 20%
-25 à -18 °C | 25%
-18 à -12 °C | 30%
-12 à -5 °C | 35%
-5 à +5 °C | 40%

Helpful Hints

There are a number of ways to control ventilation and humidity in a home. Here are a few examples :

  • In the winter, remove the inner screen from your window. Air will circulate more freely around the glass and prevent condensation, especially in the lower corners. If you have drapes or curtains on your windows, open them regularly.
  • Warm air from the dryer should be vented outside.
  • When preparing meals, turn on your range exhaust fan to help control humidity. The resulting loss in heat is marginal.
  • When taking a shower or bath, turn on the bathroom fan. If you don’t have a bathroom fan, open the bathroom door to improve air circulation.

(Source: SCHL: Société Canadienne d’Hypothèque et de Logement)